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Pictures convey what words fail to express and when talking about videos, they trigger the sub-conscious mind in ways unimaginable. Videos have grown to become a very powerful tool when it comes to advertising and the credit goes to the global digitalisation that is happening at a pace faster than ever imagined. Audiences prefer to be communicated with through videos as it saves time while helping them know much more about you. The reason behind the effectivity of video commercials is the way visuals trigger emotions that make the viewer feel inclined towards a brand and its services. Adoholic uses this science and collides it with creativity to literally create a bomb!

Corporate films

Adoholic specialises in corporate films, helping bring out your message and your motto effortlessly. Be it the infrastructure of your organization or the vision and mission, our experts know exactly how to film your videos to make them appealing and convincing. Presenting you before the masses in the form of videos that depict your principles and convincingly describe all about you, your products and your services is just a tiny description of our vast expertise.

Digital Films/Ads

Whether you need a 6-second add or a 3-minute long video, be rest assured that the videos we create for you will achieve outcomes you did not imagine! Adoholic understands your product/services first and accordingly creates content that is unique to ensure the audience get pepped up. After analysing the latest video trends, we uniquely combine persuasive content with creative visuals to provide excellent end-to-end services.

Explainer/ Animated Videos

If you are looking for maximum conversions and wish to foster brand awareness among your target audience, explainer and animated videos are your best option. Adoholic ensures that these short videos have a massive impact. Wondering how? We include maximum information about your brand/product/service in the video after understanding what information about you will grab the audience’s attention. Once we have understood your brand and its objectives and what your target audience needs, we present you before them as their best choice!

Ad Films/ TV Commercials

Adoholic proudly stands as one of the most preferred TV Commercial Advertising Agency in India. The reason being that even in this gadget-dominated world, our Ad films and TV Commercials gather amazing TRPs and influence the target audience effectively. From scripts to voice-overs, we do it all!


A camera is nothing if the person holding it does not have that blissful skill to trap magic with every click. Adoholic knows no boundaries when it comes to photography. Be it corporate photography, fashion photography, food photography, event photography, product photography or any other kind of photography, be sure to win hearts and convince minds with our photography services.


A documentary requires great precision to make the video crisp and descriptive at the same time. It depicts a story and puts out a message in a very concise manner. Adoholic takes documentary filming to an all new level. Our first step is understanding all about your story or whatever you wish to show in the documentary. Accordingly, we guide you and work with you in close co-ordination to create documentaries that are far beyond mere visual stories. Be it political documentaries, event documentaries, corporate documentaries, government documentaries or any kind of documentaries in existence, there is nothing we don’t excel in.

Event Coverage

Adoholic precisely captures the highlights of your event. Be it a wedding, exhibit, political event, a book launch, a fashion show or any other event where beautiful moments await a perfect click, our experts capture world-class images that keep the spirit of the event alive and take you back to the event each time you view the pics/videos.

Campaign Promotions

How good is your campaign if it does not have a good reach? Let’s rephrase it, how successful will your campaign be if people don’t know about it? Your target audience has to be aware of your campaign before they can be a part of its success and that is where Adoholic comes in. Promoting your campaigns across all potential channels and portals, our campaign promotion services are focused on amplifying awareness to magnify response. Whether political campaigns or corporate ones, Adoholic effectively turns every campaign into a huge success through its unique campaign promotion services.

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