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Cool visuals, hottest reach!


Pictures convey what words fail to express and when talking about videos, they trigger the sub-conscious mind in ways unimaginable. Videos have grown to become a very powerful tool when it comes to advertising and the credit goes to the global digitalisation that is happening at a pace faster than ever imagined. Audiences prefer to be communicated with through videos as it saves time while helping them know much more about you. The reason behind the effectivity of video commercials is the way visuals trigger emotions that make the viewer feel inclined towards a brand and its services. Adoholic uses this science and collides it with creativity to literally create a bomb!


A documentary requires great precision to make the video crisp and descriptive at the same time. It depicts a story and puts out a message in a very concise manner. Adoholic takes documentary filming to an all new level. Our first step is understanding all about your story or whatever you wish to show in the documentary. Accordingly, we guide you and work with you in close co-ordination to create documentaries that are far beyond mere visual stories. Be it political documentaries, event documentaries, corporate documentaries, government documentaries or any kind of documentaries in existence, there is nothing we don’t excel in.

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