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With the best ROI strategies, Adoholic combines creativity and technical knowledge to generate more traffic to your website. How lovely would it be to have a brand name that has conquered the cyber space and the market! Well, we help you do just that.
Better visibility of your brand across multiple digital channels ensures that you have a larger consumer base. Owing to the digitalizing world, Adoholic proudly stands as your most creative option. Wondering why creative? Because people hate boring! The best solution for all your digital needs, Adoholic creates a very influential brand persona for you that ensures maximum conversions.

PPC Adwords

Adoholic uniquely selects keywords for your brand and selects the right online-advertising spaces to outperform your expectations. Our media buying service places you online in the right spots at the right time with the right words. Finding the right channel with the maximum target-audience concentration and grabbing their attention was a task until you found us! Our creatives team knows exactly what content and designs must go into your ads to ensure maximum clicks. Brilliant! Aren’t we? Adoholic helps you expand your brand, not only in the market but also across people’s hearts!

Affiliate Marketing

Adoholic generates quality traffic within your budget by fulfilling your CPA networking demands. Having expertise in working across portals like amazon and flipkart, we uniquely include efficient lead generation programs in our services to derive a better pool of customers for you and improve your sales portfolio. We search and reach out to your target audience and convince them to look beyond conventional referral marketing. We do a lot!

Social Media Marketing and Optimization

Do you use social media as an asset for your business? Don’t worry, we will! Experts at Adoholic are superb when it comes to handling and maintaining your presence on social media. You definitely know the names of all the potential social media channels for your business but do you know which type of content must go on a specific channel to grab maximum attention? While you know your target audience, are you able to influence all age groups that fall within your target-audience category? Having worked on various social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and many more, we know exactly how to influence every kind of audience to amplify brand reach and increase brand loyalty. Whether it is running an ad campaign or a contest to drive organic traffic, our aim is to produce the best outcome for your wishes!

Influencer Marketing

Ever heard of a digital match-maker? Adoholic it is! Your brand sounds more trustworthy when somebody else praises it, don’t you think so? Well, influencer marketing is one such phenomenal marketing tool that is trending these days and is expected to keep up its trendiness in the coming times too. Adoholic has tie-ups with influencers all across the country, especially the prominent cities, and accordingly finds the perfect influencers for your brand who not only promote your brand but also reflect and depict your vision and mission. Our wise choice of influencers is not driven by fame but how well they can connect with your target audience.

Email Marketing

Whether you want to send emails to potential customers to increase your customer base or are seeking amplified brand loyalty, if you think email marketing will help your business, we will make it do beyond that! From helping you understand your potential audience to the drafting and designing of your emails, Adoholic is a true magician! After strategizing your content to ensure maximum response along with ensuring eye-catching layouts and graphics, your emails simply can’t be ignored if you have Adoholic on your side!

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

Search engines like Google and Yahoo have grown beyond just keywords. Excellent content and creativity are what you need to actually get that top rank in the SERPs. Adoholic is well-versed with changing trends and how to make you trendy! Our team of experts precisely gives you the content along with the creatives that makes discovery of your page super easy by netizens. Moreover, we carry out all the on-page as well as off-page SEO activities to get you better quantity and quality of traffic.

Content Marketing

If digitalisation is ruling the world, content is ruling digitalization! For a brand to have a strong market presence, both online as well as offline, it is important to give audience something they would want to spend their time viewing. Now if you’re wondering how to do that- Your answer is right in front of your eyes! Adoholic encourages blogging where required and helps you filter content and accordingly provides strategized and organized content marketing services after understanding your business and your target audience.

SMS and WhatApp Marketing

WhatsApp and SMS are astounding tools of instant communication that give maximum exposure to all content that is shared over them. They are a direct, affordable and flexible medium to promote brands and products, broadcast coupons, spread updates, etc. Keeping in mind the tremendous exposure the messages sent through them receive, we at Adoholic magically formulate strategic customized SMS and WhatApp services along with WhatApp Chatbot Automation services for each brand that ease communication with customers and drive stupendous audience response.

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