Take pride in shopping!
Take pride in being a shopaholic.

A brand's true success lies to being able to humbly engage its customers with its products and services. The objective of this customer Loyalty Program was exactly that. The goal was to market the brand and help people know about and shop the exclusive apparels by K-Lounge. Thus helping K-Lounge become an ultimate shooping destination!

An Offer That
Conquered Masses

Adoholic's designing sense elevates the elevated! This "100% Free Shopping" offer took over like a strom when the people knew about this unique shopping extravaganza. With 50% discount and exiciting vouches given to be redeemed for the remaining 50%, Adoholic magnificently promoted this stupendously impeccable offer over various digital platforms and thus, increased footfall in all K-Lounge stores. Adoholic not only promoted the brand, but also made it self-reliant by building a brand-specific IP that can be used anytime in the future as well.



Brilliantly formulated and creatively designed, this precisely strategic Customer Loyalty Program was glorified with Adoholic's extensive marketing and promoting skills. The persuasive designs brought out the main aim of the program, i.e. long-lasting customer-brand relationships brought to life by a foundation of quality and promoted K-Lounge in an impactful manner. Not only did the brand's customer pool increase, Adoholic also ensured that every visual depicted K-Lounge as the supreme choice of the wise.

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