Designing our way to hearts

A campaigns successful when customers find it irresistible and we know exactly how to design the irresistible! The C21 Club is one such customer engagement and benifit campaign that we designed to ensure people can't say to C21 Malhar Mall. If 360-degree marketing could be defined through actions, we did even beyond that !


Influencer Marketing

Our tie-ups with influencer across the country makes us the best in every term you can think of! We provided wide coverage influencer promotions across all channels, a perfect example of stupendous influencer marketing that not only increased foot-fall and increased visiblity but also boosted customer engagement.

Social Media Campaigning

From crating the best campaigns to promoting them in the most effective ways across all platforms, Adoholic once again prevailed as the best ! We precisely used graphics and content to grab customer attention and complete them into choosing C21 Malhar. Wider branch reach and enhanced brand penetration is just the tip of this iceberg.


The perfect marketing is never limited. We creatively used the radio as a potential platform and marketed this campaign with the help of the best RJ's and brilliant scripts that relate with all age group, thus establishing C21 Malhar as the best hub for all age group.


Visual marketing comes with an advantage of displaying creativity. We used this advantage to the favour of C21 Malhar and combined visuals with catchy content and brilliant sound to create compelling ads to increase football.

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